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7 Tips to Decorate Your Apartment Home for Fall

Decorate Your Apartment Home for Fall with These Tips and Tricks

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7 Tips to Decorate Your Apartment Home for a Festive Fall

Fall is here—and it means so much more than pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkins. Indoor hangouts and lovely colors make fall decorating fun and exciting. Your apartment can be even cozier than it was last year. Make those nights spent at home after long days well worth it by implementing a delightful theme. Our fall decorating tips are here – along with the changing colors!

Here are 7 tips to a lovely fall home:


Hang a Wreath

A store-bought wreath or creating one yourself is a great way to turn a door into a piece of fall art. A light orange bow on a blue or white door can really bring out the best in colors.


Entryway Welcome

Going in and out of the home happens a lot, and making an entryway unique creates a welcoming feel. Warm woods can give a rustic feel for fall along with red fruit, red blooms, and a matching throw pillow if you have a chair or bench. 


Plaid Pillow Piles

Deeper colors and hues can be swapped for those lightly colored summer pillows. Burgundy, charcoal, caramel are all great colors. Plaid is a perfect blend with a throw or older chair. Sheepskin is great to go along with these new vibes. 


Take It Outside

If you have a patio, swap out everything with fall-friendly colors. Fire pits stacked with wood, wooden chairs, red tablecloths, and more can make a patio cozy. Warm-toned glassware can really top it all off. 


Hanging a Quilt

Bright hues can soften any wall with handmade textiles. Matching layers above a desk or mantle can be beautiful. 


Get Out the Gourds

A very simple way to create the feel of fall is to add pumpkins or squash. Porcelain or yarn works, as well as the real thing. Accentuate your wooden furniture with these, especially tables. Entryways as well!


Use Earthier Serving Platters

Rustic, earthy serving platters, wooden spoons, and dark bowls give off a fall feel. Wooden cheese boards and wooden handles are perfect. Mugs in the morning, wine glasses at night

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