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How Living Close to Work Reduces Stress and Improves Health

How Living Close to Work Reduces Stress and Improves Health

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We all want to stress less and find more time in our days for things we want to do. Since the average American commute increased to a new high of 27.6 minutes one way in 2019, we spend almost an hour a day traveling to and from work. If you work Monday through Friday, this equates to 5 hours per week spent simply traveling to and from work.

What would you do if you could save that time? How would your life improve?

Here are the ways that living close to work reduces your stress levels. 

More Time, Less Danger

It’s obvious that if you are walking to work or living within minutes of your workplace, you save time. But did you know that you are helping save yourself from danger too? The more time you spend in a car, the more likely you are to get in an accident. Accidents also cost more time and money. 

The Environment Thanks You

Commuting pollutes the air unless you are walking or riding a bike. With speculation about climate change and air quality always in question, you can feel better knowing your short commute is helping. 

Your Bank Account Just Got Bigger

Long commutes mean more money spent on gas. Less time in your car means fewer miles, putting more time between maintenance, repairs, and oil changes. Tires wear down. You are more likely to make breakfast and lunch at home with more time, meaning you are spending less money eating out. Time really is money.

Your Boss Will Thank You

Not only does living close to work make you more likely to be on time, but it also gives you more energy to focus on work rather than stressing out in traffic or thinking about your long commute home. You’ll find yourself improving productivity with this peace of mind.

Personal Health and Hygiene

With more time in the mornings and evenings, you’ll find more time for the gym and food prep. If you decide to walk or bike to work, you’ll get exercise during your commute instead of a headache. No one likes headaches.

Relationships Take Time

If you have a significant other or friends and family you’d like to spend more time with, you can do so. That hour a day could be spent with people you care about. Breakfasts, dinners, and happy hours just got a little more enjoyable.

Why do you love living close to work? What do you enjoy about your commute? Share in the comments!

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