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Fourth of July Fun: The Top 3 Fourth of July Fireworks Shows Near Hampton in Highland

Fourth of July Fun: The Top 3 Fourth of July Fireworks Shows Near Hampton in Highland

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A Gorgeous Indiana Afternoon


The breeze flutters in from Lake Michigan as blankets are laid on the grass, and coolers abound with melon, salads, and sandwiches. 


Drinks are poured ice-cold and frosty as beer gardens pour from kegs. Vendors talk to people in the park and kids play on playgrounds. It’s a gorgeous day full of laughter and fun. Suddenly, as the sun sets…

Pow! Pop!

The dark sky ignites over the trees and reflects off the lake, showering the night with shades of red, blue, yellow, and green.

People look up in wonder as sparks fly, whistle, fizzle and swirl, creating a glorious scene of brilliant light.. Energy is high and eyes turn upwards, absorbing the beauty.

This is the setting for one of our most savored American events – 

Fourth of July Fireworks!

Here at Hampton in Highland, we want to bring our residents the best fireworks displays near Highland, Indiana, to make sure you have a fantastic Independence Day!

Check out the links below for more details:

  1.  Highland’s Very Own Fourth of July Festival

Celebrate your holiday right here in Highland! The popular July 4th Festival will have arts and crafts booths, food vendors, live music and entertainment. There will be carnival rides and a parade, all at Main Square Park (3001 Ridge Rd.). The Twilight Parade is on Saturday, July 3rd at 6:30pm. Fireworks will be held at Homestead Park (7918 S Fifth St.) on July 4th at 9pm. Grab your wristband at the link above!

  1. Ross Township Independence Day Festival

Just down the road from us, Ross Township and Merrillville will be having their Independence Day Festival on July 3rd from 6pm-11pm at Hidden Lake Park (6355 Broadway). There will be vendors and a beer garden, as well as live music from the band Mud Shark. The spectacular fireworks show will launch at 9pm. Regular vehicle fees apply.

  1. Hobart Fourth of July Parade and Fireworks

To the east of Hampton at Highland, the city of Hobart will have their annual Independence Day Parade, concert, and fireworks on July 4th. The parade starts at 12pm with the theme Hobart Turns 100! They will stage on 8th St. (at the Middle School) and end on Cleveland street. Festival Park (111 E Old Ridge Rd) kicks off their celebration at 4pm and includes live music from Chronic Flannel at 6pm. Fireworks start at dusk. 

Leave us a comment if you have any questions or know of other shows in the area!

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